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Fighting Chance Inclusion Programme

The Fighting Chance Inclusion Programme, started in Dartford has been one of the Trusts major successes. Working with British Judo, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue and the local communities, the programme has managed to get groups of young people to re-focus their lives.

Judo is not the aim of the programme, but it allows the young people to develop self-confidence as well as anger management. The copyrighted programme developed by the programme team and approved by British Judo is based on rigorous and challenging lessons that allow the young people to be put forward for their Red Belt Grade at 6 weeks and their Yellow Belt Grade after 12 weeks.

The programme has not only succeeded in helping the young people and their families, it had helped British Judo expand the reputation of Dartford as the Judo Centre of excellence in the South East. More importantly it continues to attract volunteer coaches and now has many of the graduates from the programme attending as mentors,

Andy Dodd, the Dartford Fighting Chance Judo coach and Paul Squire founding partner, were asked by the graduates of the programme to help them start their own club in Dartford. This club is now maintaining itself and ensuring that the young people never revert back to their previous habits. The back bone of the club is its ethos of hard work and respect,

Fighting Chance Club wins National Crimebeat Award
These is prestigious awards and administered by the National Crimebeat Charity on behalf of the High Sheriff’s association. The programme was chosen from 5 finalists as the winner of the youth based category.

The Fighting Chance Inclusion Programme team were the winners of the Safer Kent Award at Leeds Castle in March 2012. Their work was said to be truely inspirational. If you would like to find out more about the programme please call Bryn Price on 01622 653208